The Secret Tactics: Book Two of The Overt Wars Saga




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The Secret Tactics


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From the hate of her enemies...


†††† Comes the need for Esalda to put herself in harmís way. The rule of Valendi is failing, and the bordering Nations watch like hungry predators, gazing covetously at the rich bounty that Valendi, the heart of the Fivendol, presents. Without a clear succession, these friend/enemy Nations would strike, ripping her land apart.

†††† To secure the future, first must come the Borders, and the first real test of her mettle. For only by going into the Border Fortholds can she find out for certain that the ruling Lords are enemies, and that they mean ill for King and Kingdom.

†††† Half-trained, raw-edged, and unblooded, she must go with her father and a handful of loyal Guards into the wider world, and put herself to the hazard. And all she can do is pray that she may come out again, unscathed.

†††† And how will she survive such toils? Much guile, some luck, a little nerve, a lot of cunning, and a few simple, but effective tactics that, applied at just the right time, and in just the right way, could mean the difference between triumphing over those who would destroy her, and falling beneath their swords and ambitions to take the Throne of Valendi.


The Secret Tactics