The Rites of Darkness: Book Three of The AvaíLonan Herstories (An Illustrated Novel)






Battle in Cribeauílon


Remembering Love







The Age of Light


Light Fallen


The Rites of Darkness


Darkness Risen


The Sign of Turning






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Book Three of the Ava'Lonan Herstories (An Illustrated Novel)



The Heir is found...


But is she fit to rule? Grief stricken, suffering from shock, her power at half-strength, the Heir must return home to all the political intrigue that awaits her which is as dangerous as the rigors of the wilds.


The enemies are mighty...


Mightier than any had thought, creatures of legend that are said to rival the power of the Goddesses Themselves.


Her heartís other is captured...


And as much a source of strength, he is also a point of weakness, a way of access to the High Heir from the back end of her soul. And someone has him, and has the will and viciousness to use him.


Avírita might not be enough...


Not enough to save the Heir or all that she loves. Can she stand under the weight of her enemiesí machinations that threatens to crush her? Is she immune to the depredations perpetrated against her soulís mate? Without the power of light, can Jeliya stand against the rites of darkness that the enemy possesses?


The Rites of Darkness