Overborne: Book Two of The Sheltered Land Tenets




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Lerem - Emergence


The Secret Defense


The Star Whorl







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The fruits of the Land had blessed them...


The Sur Tribe had been blessed. Dien’s triumph had won them status and influence in the Circle of Tribe Leaders, and now the Sur Tribe would be hosting their own Tribe-meet, and they expected to do well. And after one very successful long-hunt, they expected to have another. Things were going well.


But none of that was a help to Dien. For, after always knowing exactly where he fit and why, suddenly he was displaced, cast free, almost – ourcast, though all the Tribe praised him and cossetted him. Because of what he had done, he had been thrown out of his place, and he felt acutely displaced from his family and friends and everyone he cared about.


And he knew, without a doubt, that his actions would have consequences, and that those consequences would come back to haunt him, much as the fate of the boy once-called-Yedsel haunted him.


Could the dreams help him avoid the awful things he knew were coming? Was there a way to redress his iniquities? Could he do so before those sins took away all that he loved and cherished? And could he find a place to fit again, a place where he was not so overbearingly good at everything?