Magic World: Book One of The Ways of Magic





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In a universe of laws, even the impossible must fall in line.


Mina Fannon lives an average life in a world of magic. She works, plays and subsists in this world, never really dreaming of anything more. So when she encounters two natives of the world of Den’shen, she does not expect her life to change in an instant. But when these two of the Den’shu, an old race used to the ways of magic, plead for her help, she cannot say no.

And then everything goes awry.

Can Mina solve a mystery that even the Den’shu can’t fathom? Can she avoid the grasp of powers that suddenly take notice? And can she survive the love of a man with deep silver eyes and a heart of ice?

Saddled with a Den’shu child, and burdened with a terrible secret of her own, Mina has only her understanding to stand between her and the dangers of those who hunger for power, those who hunger for answers, and those who hunger for love.


Magic World