Light Fallen: Book Two of The Ava’Lonan Herstories (An Illustrated Novel)











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The Age of Light


Light Fallen


Rites of Darkness


Darkness Risen


The Sign of Turning






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Book Two of the Ava'Lonan Herstories (An Illustrated Novel)


The world was divided...


As were the magics of Light, Air, Water and Earth. Light and Air were the magics of women, and women ruled Ava'Lona, Queens of their Tribes. And all Tribes were ruled by the High Queen.


The race was on...


To find the Heir to the High Throne before enemies of the Realm of Ava’Lona capture her, to further their own ends. Hunters, on two legs and four, hound not just the Heir, but her rescuers as well.


The pace was grueling...


No place was safe, no rest was to be had on the bare plains or in the wild jungles that stand between those who seek and the one sought. For the enemy is more cunning, more ruthless, and more numerous than any had anticipated.


The danger was greater than they imagined...


Because, more frightening than battling beasts with razor-sharp teeth or venomous claws, is the enemy’s ability to counter the High Family’s base of power. Without that power, can the High Family retain the High Throne? Can the Realm stand when the infallible might of the magic of light has fallen?


Light Fallen