How do you work on so many different books, drawings at once?


Well, that's a great question. I'll try to answer. You know your favorite scene in your favorite movie? You could watch it over and over again, and for those few minutes, you ARE the badass/lover/giant robot on the scene. You live that character's life, feel what they feel, and the words they say come naturally to your lips because they just fit the moment.


Each of my stories is like that. I become each character, male or female or other, I live their lives, I feel what they feel. And I do that everywhere - on the drive to work, when I have a few moments to space out at my desk, before I go to sleep at night. I live many lives, love multiple people, and the really good ones, the lives I love the most, I write down. And when the scene or moment runs out, I try on the next one. Sometimes I want to be the tragic, tortured loner, desperately seeking his love. Sometimes I want be the innocent lover, feeling her first kiss, her first moment of passion. I love my present live and my spouse, but before I met them, these other lives filled the loneliness, took away the empty hours in the middle of the night, when I had no one. It became addictive, and I haven't given it up. Today I am a mage, rescuing an innocent girl, a princess fighting to keep my land from conquest, and an alien species, holding back infected hordes with only my will.


For drawings - I see each scene in my head, like a movie, sometimes, and at a particularly good place I can freeze the moment, and then I look for source material, that is, a picture in my reference pose books that fit the image in my head as closely as I can. It is rare to find just the right pose, but when I do, I draw my best approximation of it. But sometimes, the image is so strong, I don't need reference pictures. Those come out the best.