Darkness Risen: Book Four of The AvaíLonan Herstories (An Illustrated Novel)






Two of the Six

Jeliya in Frost

Silonyi under rite


Throwing Pearl

Reaching for Gavaron





The Age of Light


Light Fallen


The Rites of Darkness


Darkness Risen


The Sign of Turning






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Book Four of the Ava'Lonan Herstories (An Illustrated Novel)



The High Heir is home...


In TíAvíli, the Palace in the center of the Ritious City. She has left the dangers of the wilds behind, but now faces the dangers of civilization Ė politics, Trade, and the struggle for Power.


The Question remains...


Is she worthy to rule? Have the Goddesses turned from her for what she has done? And does she have the strength and support to answer the challenge against her?


Her Heartís Other is captured...


But is he truly caught? Does he have the power to free himself from the evil that holds him? Can he keep his promises, old and new, against the old powers that stir and the new powers of darkness that have arisen?



Darkness Risen