About the Ava’Lonan Herstories Story


This story has been a long time in the making. It started out as a strange cross between a Bobbsey Twins book and the movie Krull (don't ask), and my ten-year-old brain came up with something that is NOTHING like what the story is today, thank God. It was my first attempt at writing my own romance story, where, for a ten-year-old, the most important thing was the first kiss. The only thing, actually, for the lack of experiential knowledge. There might have been some touching, but none of the naughty, yummy places. I wrote in scraps of notebooks and built scenes in my head every night to help myself go to sleep, and the juvenile images helped drown out the thing under the bed and the boogum-joumbi lurking in the closet.


But, seriously, this story is my first true love. It is hard to see the love-child of Bobbsey-twins-and-Krull (I wasn't kidding about that) now, but the first kiss is still iconic for me. My writing career began with changing the endings of stories that I liked but where I thought the endings were stupid. Then I began making up my own characters and situations. This story has kept me company through the years, as I lived in each character and tried each tear-filled, heart-breakingly romantic (to me, anyway) scene a thousand different ways. The best scenes got committed to paper. The rest live on as infinite variations, or scenes adapted to other stories.


The original characters were Jenny and Gamon. Don't ask me where the names came from, I don't really recall, but I assume they are from somewhere in the whole Twins-Krull mashup. Jenny was from Earth, and she got transported to another place, where Gamon, fully a man and controlled by a hideous master (the thing from Krull), is sent out to capture her for some nefarious reason. But through falling in love with her, he is able to begin slipping the leash of his evil master... and that was pretty much as far as I got. I remember he had red eyes (the irises, I mean, Clear-EyesTM was not going to help this dude), that began to turn back to his original blue when he was breaking his master's control, and he wore sun-glasses all the time to hide his red eyes. Such was my ten-year-old brain.


Gamon became Gavon, at some point, and Jenny became Jenikia, and Earth was kicked out of the picture. Then Jenikia acquired brothers, twins (the influence of the Bobbsey twins? *shudder*) Riltu and Stavtu, I think. They didn't like or trust Gavon (as well they shouldn't), and they were seeking a way to rid their sister of this naughty infatuation.


You can probably see where this is going. Gavon became Gavaron, and he changed from a man to a centaur-like creature. His romance with Jenikia got relegated to the past, and a descendent of Jenikia, Jeliya, goes looking for Gavaron, to find out exactly what happened between them. Riltu became Rilantu, and Stavtu became Staventu, and they became Jeliya's brothers. The magics of fire (though I use light in its place), air, water and earth were added. And my degree in science influenced the rules that these magics obey. The evil master went by the way-side, and changed to a secret plot by unknown persons (*rubbing hands together, maniacal chuckle*). And then I built my first world, Alona, and split the sucker down the middle. Thus we have Ava'Lona, one half, and the Lora'Lons, separated by a wall of light.


Such is the sordid past of the story itself, from humble, ignominious beginnings. Long live the Bobbsey-Twins and Krull!