About the author/animator


I've been drawing since I was three years old. My compositions consisted of cat-people humanoids of dubious physiology, doing everything from dancing ballet to... I'm not sure what, but needless to say, my attempts at art were quite unsatisfactory to my three-year-old eyes. I had an older brother who could draw, and my attempts to catch up to his level constantly failed. He passed away when I was six, and I always believed that he passed his gifts on to me. Not that I became a Rembrandt overnight, but sometimes I create things, now, and when I am done, I can't believe what I've accomplished. I attribute these "Magna Opi" (my own word) to his spirit, working through me. He is my muse and my guide. And in my Ava'Lonan Herstories novels, he is memorialized as Ans'ra, the Beloved God of Death.


I am Caribbean, and hopefully it shows in my works. I have read the standard Tolkien-esque fantasy novel, and when you've read one, you have pretty much read them all. No cold winter storms in my books - no snow covered mountains or autumn leaves, or spring flowers. I use Caribbean seasons - Dry, Wet, and Stormy (better known as Hurricane Season). And though my worlds have the full range of temperate, tropical and  subarctic zones, I write about tropical peoples, journeys through hot jungles, and different flowers that bloom all times of the year.


But now, as then, I am never satisfied. And though The Age of Light is one of my best works, I still want to improve on what I have done. This is where CG animation comes in. I do use some CG in my novels, but mainly for the background of the illustrations - the figures are still drawings, though they are drawings that I have digitally airbrushed. Still, to see my characters walk and talk and breathe and love... maybe I am shooting too high. Maybe I should be content with what I have done. But I have never been deterred in my striving for creation - by hook or by crook, I mean to see this done. And may the spirit of my beloved brother guide me in this endeavor.